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Instead of "liking" or "disliking" a design, we encourage a true dialog of why the design works for your project. Liking or disliking appeals to preference which is subjective and peripheral in the first place. Articulating why to the best you can balance the dialog closer to the objective side. Thus progressing into understanding your true needs, we could design your vision to the best we possibly can. 

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Many bots out there could do what we do better, faster and probably cheaper. So why would you hire us instead?

Why do we think Graphic Design is not dead. Although it was a time when everything used to be handcrafted, then computer came into play and many designers were layoff or forced to learned new software that made their work easier on the expense of firing more production artists. Then globalization came into play and more Graphic Designers were fired on the expense of cheaper ones from abroad, as their bills were much lower than in North America.  Nowadays there is AI (content built with the power of ChatGPT), that makes all mentioned above a joke due to the complexity and diversity in design. You still need a person behind it but not for long as voice command is on its way (so you wouldn't have to type anymore). Having said that, why would your hire a human these days to deal with your design needs?! There are couple of reasons.

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From small to large businesses, we all need graphics to look and sell better.

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