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Graphic Design, Photography and Video Production

Balanced communication goes a long way, as it emphasizes partnership, not rivalry. Instead of "liking" or "disliking" a design/concept, we encourage a true dialog of why the design works or does not for your project. Liking or disliking appeals to preference which is subjective and peripheral in the first place. Articulating why to the best we can, aim to balance the dialog to a desirable and beneficial path. Thus progressing into understanding your true needs and values, brings your vision to surface, to the light where it shines the most. Long story short, we are the kind of folks that will study the snow flake architecture for you. 

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Many AI (Artificial Intelligence) & BI (Business Intelligence) entities out there could do what we do better and faster. Why would you hire us humans instead?

Is Graphic Design dead? Although it was a time when everything used to be handcrafted, then computer came into play and many designers were layoff or forced to learn new software that made their work "easier" on the expense of "efficiency", thus firing more production artists. Then globalization came into play and more Graphic Designers were "properly disposed" on the expense of cheaper ones from abroad, as their bills were much lower than in North America.  Nowadays there is AI (content built with the power of ChatGPT and such), that makes all mentioned above a joke due to the complexity and diversity in design. You still need a person behind it but not for long as voice command is on its way (so you wouldn't have to type anymore). Having said that, why would your hire a human these days to deal with your design needs?! There are couple of reasons. One of them is the Creative Process addresses humans, and human intercommunication is essential to validate your subjective path forward. Robots/software requires validation on an objective level <if this, then do that>. For the bot, "is equal" or "must be true" is feelingless. For humans is intensely emotional, and through both, negative and positive emotions we filter our response to what we see or envisioned to be created. 

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